Read to Your Baby

Read to Your Baby

Read to Your Baby - How to Read to Your Baby - Read With Your Baby | Tips on - Find TipsRemember the childhood movie “Baby’s Day Out”, where a nanny reads a book to the child. And how the child reach back home deceiving the three kidnappers. Of course, it was a movie, yet the importance of reading a book to your infants and kids is one of the most important aspects of upbringing up your child.

When to Start Reading

You should start reading to your child as early as Day 5. In fact, when you talk to your child while he/she is taking your feed then this feeding is increased 2-3 folds and the child feels satiated.

Sound of your voice comfort newborns. Hold softly and cuddle your baby.
Read any page and in a quiet reading environment. Choose a book which reminds you of your little one. Repeated readings are better and talk softly.

Different Ages Need different Styles

Between 4-12 months children like bright colors and contrasting patterns. Reading introduces concepts such as numbers, colors, shapes, and letters in a fun way. This also increases listening, memory, communication and vocabulary skills of your little one.

By the time your child reaches the age of one, start using expressive sound and different emotions. Stories have many characters which should be enacted with emotions and expressions. This improves language skills and the child can express well.

Reading has to be at a specified time – perhaps before naptime or bedtime. This calms your baby and tells him that its time to sleep.

Some more Reading Tips

Cuddle while you read to your baby.

Read with expression, using different pitch and voice.

You need not read entire text. Ask questions on pictures or text.

Focus on pages that your child loves to read.

Repeat the text once or twice to let your child understand and memorize the words.

Act as a role-model while reading to your child

The building block of future Reading ability is learning to understand and speak language and spending time reading to your baby shows that reading is a skill worth learning .

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