Reasons for Which People Lose Interest

Reasons for Which People Lose Interest

Reasons for Which People Lose Interest - Tips to Avoid Divorce - How to Trust in the Relation | Tips on - Find TipsAcross all religion and cultures, marriages are deemed to be sacred and forever. But it is also a fact that the number of divorce cases are on the rise daily.

What are the reasons for which people lose interest?

1. Acute Loneliness- You both are together but still a gap between you two. “Being busy” becomes an often used excuse. Loneliness begin to grip and to free oneself from being lonely they turn to outside the home.

2. Jealousy/ Over Possessiveness- you want the lover to give all the attention but it is not practically possible. Curiosity turns to jealousy and then to possessiveness wreaking havoc. The situation turns unmanageable.

It is important to place trust in the relation. One also needs their freedom and have their life besides you.

3. Finances- Money is never sufficient for you and your spouse. Always debts get piled up. Slowly this eats into your relation and tension builds up. Either of you get irritated all the time with the financial limitations and take the anger out on the spouse, which he or she does not deserve.

4. Lack of Intimacy- There is no spark left anymore as is was before in the beginning. The main reason for this is to take each other for granted for more than is viable. Or something or the other problems crop up every now and then and you are fed up with your marital life. And whatever sexual intimacy does take place is very dissatisfying.

5. Communication Is Nil- this gets the most votes as the basic reason. With time, spouses feel there is nothing to talk about daily and interactions turn into never ending silences.

Sooner or later, the holy matrimony rips apart and people are left with blaming themselves after nothing remains.

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