Recipe For Seduction

Recipe For Seduction

Recipe For Seduction - Key Seduction Techniques For Men - Romantic Dinner Recipes » Easy Recipe For SeductionDid you think the only easy recipe for seduction was to reach for the most expensive bottle of wine and get your date so drunk on it that she scarce can resist you in your heart-printed silk boxer shorts and you can finally have your wicked way with her? Think again! For, relationship experts reveal that more than taking your woman out to a fancy French dinner or buying her a huge rock for her finger, it is the thoughtful gestures that personalize the moments spent with her that will truly make your lady feel cherished – and that’s the real key to seduction!

This means, out with the dinner reservations for that unpronounceable and exorbitant restaurant and in with the chef’s hat and apron (for self)! For the chicks, it simply reads as you think them worthy of the extra effort of putting together a meal (more points for someone who is a real klutz in the kitchen) than simply taking the easy way out and ordering pizza or going out to a burger joint!

The romantic recipe we figure here is a sure-fire winner in the seduction department and requires no real knowledge of cooking. Just hop over to your best local bakery and get some fresh baked brie (wedges will do just as well), drizzle over with smooth honey and top this with a cup of candied pecans – and then get ready for the heady reaction from your woman as she swoons over this gooey, delectable concoction all set to seducer her senses! If you have a microwave oven, all the better to get the gushing honey to trickle over smoothly over the brie drenched delight. Simply remove the rind with a string of dental floss or a sharp knife; place it in a microwave-safe dish for a couple of minutes to melt it (taking care not to let it bubble) and then removing it from the oven to top up with the other two ingredients for seduction.

Serve this with a sliced, slightly warmed up French bread and seedless grapes and if you pour some Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel – you can bet on the action being endless in the bedroom!

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