Recycled T Shirt Pillow

Recycled T Shirt Pillow

Recycled T Shirt Pillow - How to Make a Throw Pillow - Make a Throw Pillow - Procedure of Making Throw Pillow | Tips on - Find TipsIf you are tired of your old T-shirt, instead of throwing it away, consider converting it into a throw pillow. Since recycled products have become a fashion nowadays, you can use your imagination of designing throw pillows for your couch or bed from old tees.

To make a throw pillow, you need an old T-shirt, an old throw pillow without cover, invisible zipper, washable fabric marker or chalk, thread, needle, scissor and sewing machine. The invisible zipper that you buy should be at least an inch longer that the pillow’s length. The shape of the throw pillow can be square or round depending on the shape of the old throw pillow.

Place the throw pillow over your T-shirt and with the marker draw the contour of the pillow. The dimension of the outline of the pillow should be larger than the actual size of the pillow to include 1.5-inch extra on each of the four sides for the seam.

Now carefully cut along the lines you drew with the marker. You should carefully cut the fabric straight along the grain or the cross grain. Now carefully separate the two parts of the T-shirt. Stitch on the wrong side of the T-shirt.

Begin stay stitching along the edge of each part, where you will attach the zipper. The stay stitch should be half an inch away from the edge of each of the layer of the fabric. Now open the zipper, press out the coils, and sew it to the fabric, along the stay-stitched length. After attaching the zipper, sew the sides of the fabric and the top making a seam allowance of half an inch. Now clip the corners of the fabric.

Now turn the cover right side out. Put the pillow inside and pull the zipper and your T-shirt throw pillow is ready to use.

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