Registering Domain Name -Tips for Online Identity -Choosing a Domain Name

Registering Domain Name -Tips for Online Identity -Choosing a Domain Name

Registering Domain Name -Tips for Online Identity -Choosing a Domain Name - Tips to Choose and Register Domain Name | Tips on - Find Tips

Register Your Domain Name

Domain name is the identity of your online business. It must be an effective name to bring traffic to your site. It will promote your business. Hence while choosing a domain name consider the marketing strategies also. It is the first step involved in starting an online business.

Tips to Choose and Register Domain Name

1. Try to select a short name for website as it helps the people remember. Most of the people avoid long names. If possible make it up to ten characters.

2. While choosing the extensions for your name try to have a .com extension as it is the oldest one and it creates an impression that you was in the business for a long time. People often try with extension .com rather than the .in, .net, org extensions.

3. Your domain name must contain relevant key words which your customers should used to search. Avoid using the name of your company if it does not contain any relevant key words. Also make sure that the domain name is reflecting your business.

4. Once you choose a domain name then register it as soon as possible. Don’t wait till you develop a beautiful web page. Register the name as fast as you get the idea to start a web page. Otherwise you may loose it.

5. You can also register different domain names for the same web page. So that all the searches in that route will turn to your site and there is no need for a different web page for different names. All the different names will open in to the same page.

6. You can use letters, dashes and numbers for your domain name. Symbols and spaces have to be avoided as they are not granted for the purpose. Capital and small letters doesn’t make any difference for your domain name.

7. Once you choose several names for your domain inquire about the easiness and acceptability among your friends and relatives. Select the one that is most acceptable because it will help you to increase the traffic to your site.

8. There are many companies which are involved in registering the domain names. You have to contact more than one company to see their rates for registration and inquire the extra features you are getting along with it. Find a company that can offer you more feature with fewer rates. No need to pay for the sub domains and the email redirections.

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