Reiki Massage

Reiki Massage

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Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction, focuses on the healing energies of the self and the universe for the cure of various diseases. It is based on the fundamental belief that there is an unseen, life-giving energy which flows through everyone and it is only when this energy becomes less, that one feels low and sick. Reiki then deals with the art of harnessing and channelising this energy in a positive way which can lead to a life of happiness and health.

Reiki is a simple and a natural way of spiritual healing which leads to a feeling of relaxation, peace and universal harmony. It works on the body and mind of a person and helps in healing all types of conditions and ailments. It is an energy healing system which makes use of the production of vibrations and its transference from the one possessing it to the one needing it.

Reiki is transferred to students by Reiki Masters through a series of attunements which involves the former selecting as series of symbols which represent the important points located along a person’s energy fields and in turn helps to guide them through higher vibrations of energy.

Reiki treatments can be conducted in person and can also be “sent” over distances when a person is not physically present as energy is infinite and is not bound to space or time. Reiki is a useful tool which can be used along with medical and therapeutic treatment as it can help in fast and healthy recovery.

There are special Reiki treatments for pregnant women that can help to heal pregnancy related discomforts like nausea, back pain, muscle pain and exhaustion. The energy from Reiki can also help soothe and relieve the stress caused by delivery. Reiki can also be given to babies by their nursing mothers to help in his healthy development.

It can improve the general condition of everyone and along with providing physical healing, it also promotes emotional and spiritual well-being of a person.

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