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Relationship Network

Relationship Network - Social Networking - Networking Purpose - A Great Network » Common myths about networking-read them out!Certainly there are number of myths that people relate to the networking, it is very important to decode them otherwise such misconceptions can deter you from reaching out to the right kind of people in your life. So have a look on the following.

Having a great network at your corner does not mean that you need to be an extrovert. If social gathering and crowded places makes you irritable and uncomfortable, then it is perfectly okay. Try and take advantage of other opportunities to help you network. For e.g. you can invite your friends or co-workers on a lunch or dinner and ask them to bring a couple of more people along with them. A personalized atmosphere like this will help you to overcome your fear of networking. If you find hard to initiate conversation with people then you can always asks questions. Many people just love talking about themselves, so start with them; you never know it may lead to a healthy conversation for both of you and other people around.

Do out think networking as a time consuming process? Well the truth is you never have to take time out every night for networking purpose. Parties and pubs are great places to meet and broaden your network. You can an even try and network with people while following your everyday routine. For e.g. even your gym and canteen area can be an important place to network with people. The mantra is not to let opportunities of saying ‘hello’ go waste at all!

Do you think that meeting once is enough for having a good relationship with the other person? Well, always remember that remaining in consistent touch with a person can only build a long-term relationship otherwise it’s really hard enough. Help each other to the best of your level. This will strengthen the bond of your relationship with the people, plus will leave a good impression on his or her mind forever about you.

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