Religion in Japan

Religion in Japan

Religion in Japan - Capital of Japan - Language of Japan - Japanese Food » Learn about JapanJapan is a country comprised of islands. It is located in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is bordered by China, Korea and Russia to the east, the Sea of Okhotsk to its north.

Four islands make up most of the land in Japan. These islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Japan is found in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The land is covered with volcanoes and is susceptible to earthquakes. Ten percent of all active volcanoes worldwide are found in Japan. The largest mountain and most active volcano is Mt. Fuji.

It has approximately three small earthquakes daily with an average of 1500 earthquakes annually. Japan is one of the first inhabited lands. Its history of civilization dates back to the first century AD.

Since its beginning, Japan has grown to have one of the strongest economies worldwide. They are regarded as leaders in technology and machinery. Learn more about Japan in this article.

Japan is properly known as Nihon or Nippon which translates into Land of the Rising Sun.

Its capital is Tokyo. The primary language of Japan is Japanese. Japan is home to three major religions – Shinto, Buddhism and Christianity.

Japan is lead by the Emperor. Under the Emperor is the Prime Minister. The country’s national anthem recognizes its Emperors. Its national anthem is called Kimigayo which translates into The Emperor’s Reign.

Japan has impacted the world in many industries. Japanese food is famous for its sushi. Sushi is the combination of raw fish and sometimes Japanese vegetables seasoned with vinegar and wrapped in rice and seaweed.

The Japanese food is eaten with Hashi, or chopsticks. When the Japanese eat, they slurp their food.

This is their way of showing that the food tastes good. Rice and tea are two other food items that the Japanese have popularized. Both are staples to the Japanese diet. The country is the top producer of automobiles.

Japanese poets have brought the art of Haiku to the world. A Haiku is a unique style of poem that is comprised of three brief lines. Another art form that the Japanese have designed is Origami. Origami strategically folds a piece of paper into a form such as a bird.

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