Remedies for Common Cold

Remedies for Common Cold

Remedies for Common Cold - Stuffy Nose Remedies - Get Relief from Cold | Tips on - Find TipsAs the cold season descends, prolonged exposure to cold makes us susceptible to common cold. Also during sudden changes in temperature or with increase in the volume of dust and pollutants in the air, the common cold viruses are activated. Although, no effective medication is available for curing common cold instantly but we can apply some home remedies to treat the worst part of common cold condition and that is clearing the stuffy nose.

Saline nasal solution
Add a quarter teaspoon of salt to a glass of water and boil it. After the saline solution cools, put two drops of the saline water in both your nostrils.

Put two handfuls of dried chamomile flowers in boiling water. Inhale the chamomile vapor and you will be relieved of your stuffy nose in minutes.

Apple cider vinegar
Add apple cider vinegar in equal volume of water and put the solution to boil. As the fume arises, take off the container from the fire and inhale the pungent fume. This is an effective method to clear your nose.

Turmeric fumes
Tie some turmeric in a piece of clean cloth and light it. Inhale the turmeric fume and your stuffy nose will quickly decongest.

Slicing onions have always brought tears to our eyes. This quality of onion can also be utilized in clearing congested nose. Inhale the odor of sliced onion and it will decongest your nose by making the mucous run.

Red hot chilly
You might avoid hot spicy foods but when your nose is blocked with mucous, it is the perfect time to consume red hot pepper.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to cure common cold and clear stuffy nose. Make a solution with four drops of lavender oil, four drops of pine oil, and three drops of peppermint oil and seven drops of eucalyptus oil. Dab a cotton ball with this essential oils solution and inhale the vapor.

Follow any of these remedies and get relief from stuffy nose.

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