Remove Insomnia & Stress through Shavasana Yoga

Remove Insomnia & Stress through Shavasana Yoga

Remove Insomnia & Stress through Shavasana Yoga - Benefits of Shavasana - How to Relax Your Body | Tips on - Find TipsIn today world when several people are suffering from insomnia due to stress or depression. Shavasana is the best, easy & simplest way to fight against this ailment.

If you perform this simple asana in the morning or at the end of a tiring day, you will feel that all the stress & tension are removing from your mind or body. This asana is all about relaxation your body & mind

How to perform Shavasana:

Lie on your back, legs straight and apart by at least a foot. Keep your arms on the floor and slightly away from torso, the palms facing upwards. Now relax your whole body & breathe normally.

Few simple methods to relaxing other parts of the body:


Open & close the eyes alternately for 10 seconds, after that looking up, down & straight then towards the left, right & straight. Repeat this eyes exercise for 3 to 4 times.

Mouth & tongue:

Open your mouth and fold the tongue towards the throat area, then close your mouth with the tongue in the previous position and retain it for 10 seconds. Then open your mouth and bring the tongue back in the normal position. Repeat this exercise for 2 to 3 times.

Rest of the body:

Make sure that there is no tension in your mind. You can be relaxed your mind purposely by thinking about a person, object or place, you have liked. Close your eyes and concentrate, and feel that your body & mind are present there. Breathing is the most important part of this exercise; focus all your attention on it. Focus on inhalation & exhalation from nostril and in a rhythmic pattern.


To attain relaxation & calmness of mind & body, you should repeat the procedure for at least 5 minutes everyday.


It is help to remove depression, anxiety and tension. Shavasana is a great cure of insomnia. It keeps your mind cool and calm, and gives relaxation to the whole body.

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