Removing the extra flap skin

Removing the extra flap skin

Removing the extra flap skin - How to treat a skin flap - Random skin flaps - Tips for removing flap skin » Nipped,Tucked,YouMany guys are seeking the help of cosmetic surgeons to remove the extra flap skin from their abs the question is if you are one of these guys with the flap skin hanging over your abs should you join the gang and go see a surgeon?

Let us consider this case scenario; A young lad of 36 (yep that is young!) was working as an undercover agent for a government investigative agency in the US and was very comfortable pretending to be people he was not and even impersonating people he knew, just to get the job done of course. His very safety and existence depended a lot on the part her was expected to play during the coursed of his job even though he never ever liked the guy he was looking at in the mirror on many occasions. We cannot say he was overweight, not a guy who religiously worked out at the gym 5 days a week even then he was not what one could term as ‘well defined’. He was afraid to remove his shirt at the gym because of the chunky nature of his guts.

No matter how hard he tried he just could not lose that hanging skin around his middle he had reached a fitness plateau as many experts would term his condition. He knew no matter what he did it would not serve any purpose and changing his routine to get out of the plateau would just take too long. So he decided to take the easy way out. He consulted a cosmetic surgeon for a solution to his predicament.

The medical expert suggested that he go in for a few sessions of liposuction for those love handles that would just not go away and also a procedure called a tummy tuck to get rid of the hanging skin over the abs. This is a procedure that is becoming popular by the name ‘Toroplasty’ – a plastic surgery of the torso.

Toroplasty is growing by 10% annually this is the number of men (not counting women) opting for the procedure the world over. So, are there any after effects to the procedure? None so far say the people who have had it done. To answer the question whether you should try it too…well it beats sweating it out at the gym with no guaranteed results, does it?

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