Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Repetitive Stress Syndrome - Repetitive Stress - Repetitive Stress Injury - Avoid Repetitive Stress - Repetitive Stress Disorders - Musculoskeletal Disorder » Repetitive Stress SyndromeWe must have all heard of the increasing use of the term Repetitive Stress Syndrome. This is a problem which is gaining prominence in today’s increasing desk related work which involves the stress of a particular part of body. For example, people who work continuously on computers are at a danger of developing RSS in their wrist region due to the continuous use of that part in a particular way. Thus, repetitive stress disorder is an injury to a part of the body which is caused by overusing and overstressing a body part. These conditions are often focused on a joint and they usually affect the muscle, bone, tendon or bursa of the joint. Since this problem is largely attributed to unhealthy way of working, one should ensure that one does not sacrifice one’s health in an attempt to attain professional success.

If you are at a job which requires repetitive bending and twisting of the hand and wrist, then you must take extra precaution to prevent the problem of repetitive stress syndrome. This is a kind of musculoskeletal disorder which is caused by awkward postures of the wrist or shoulders, forceful exertions like lifting heavy items and also because of repetitive movements of the body parts. This problem can take the form of Tennis elbow, Tendonitis, Trigger finger, Bursitis and other. Thus, the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit is to prevent the RSS disorder by doing a proper analysis and redesigning of your job. The redesigning of the jobs to prevent repetitive disorders requires cooperation of the entire company to ensure that repetitive jobs are cut down to cut down the risks associated with them. To prevent hand and wrist disorders, tools and equipments should be designed in such a way that one’s hands and wrists are kept straight. Moreover, having adjustable work benches can also make a difference. As an individual, you are responsible for your health and thus you should make it a point to take a break after every few moments so as to relax the muscles which are involved in repetitive movements. In addition, performing certain stretching and relaxing exercises can help a great deal in the prevention of RSS. However, if you are already suffering from this problem, you can go in for medical treatments which include physical therapy, medication and other treatments.

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