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Rest Assured

Rest Assured - Rest assured of quality - Importance of rest - Ways to ensure sleep » Rest AssuredSo, you never have trouble sleeping at the meetings or interview spots or even when lunching out with your mum-in-law – but come nightfall, counting sheep don’t do the trick for you, even after 87,000?

Don’t panic just yet – there are many other guys in the same spot as you and help is at hand to ensure you rest assured at night – with proven, scientific reasons and tips to understand what keeps you awake and what can help you get those Z’s!

According to Michael Breus, Ph.D, who happens to be a sleep expert, most men don’t get enough sleep and there are ways to ensure one gets restful sleep that allows one to wake up feeling refreshed.

Sounds like a luxury? Then, read on and discover for yourself how you can rest assured, too!

Dr. Michael recommends never to fall asleep in front of the TV set as mostly guys view television on a couch in a slouching or semi-reclining position and if they fall asleep in the same position, it would invariably lead to a back-ache or other muscle problems, reducing the quality of their sleep.

Instead, ensuring a proper head and neck alignment is very important if you want to rest assured, so get yourself a comfy pillow and a piece of furniture that allows you to stretch your body naturally and fully and before you know it, you’ll be nodding off to dreamland.

Other effective ways to ensure you catch your forty winks (and many more) is to opt for dimmer lighting, (e.g. junk the 100 wt bulbs for 45 wt ones and you’ll know what we’re talking about) so your body gets relaxed and welcomes the sleep-inducing effect of duller surroundings and increasing ventilation into the room.

Trying to set a routine for yourself is another great way to ensure sleep comes easy: set a bedtime and hit the sack at the same time every night so your body’s rhythms get regulated – and before you know it, you’ll have hit your perfect ZZZ-spot!

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