Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips - How To Write A Resume - Tips on Writing the Perfect Resume - How To Create An Attractive Resume? | Tips on - Find TipsYour resume is your mirror image to your employer. When you first apply for a vacancy, your resume helps the employer to get a clear picture of you. Your very first impression is created through your resume. Thus, always make sure that you prepare a perfect resume to impress the employer.

First Step:

Always choose fonts that are easy to read and smart to look at. Try not to choose more than two types, one for the headings and the other for the body. You can bold and underline your headings to get them noticed easily.

Second Step:

Write your full name on top of your resume. You can also mention your contact details header of your resume. Your contact details are important and needs highlighting. Mention your email address and contact number. It is always advisable to mention both your landline and mobile contacts in your resume. Also, mention your current and permanent residential address.

Third Step:

Write your objective in clear and simple word on your resume. It should be well related to the career path you have chosen.

Fourth Step:

This is the most vital area. Make sure that you disclose all the relevant details related to your career in your resume. Your job experience needs to be highlighted, very well. Mention all the organizations you have been associated with till date. Highlight the area you have worked for example if you are a software engineer write in details about the projects you have worked on, the technologies you have handled, etc. If you are a fresher than it is your academics and project work that should find most importance.

Fifth Step:

Create a table to give a clear picture about your academic background. Mention the schools, colleges, professional institutions you have attended to educate yourself. Also mention the marks you have acquired during such endeavors but only if they are worth being mentioned. Write about the projects you have handled during your academic sessions.

Sixth Step:

This is the miscellaneous area where you should write about your achievements during academic session, employment era, etc. You will also have to provide general information like your sex, nationality, family identity, etc.

A good and transparent resume is always the first and the earliest door to an opportunity.

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