Resume Cover Letter Writing

Resume Cover Letter Writing

Resume Cover Letter Writing - Professional Cover Letter - Job Application Cover Letter | Business BlogIt is a known fact that Resume’s form the most important assets of job applicants in job search. Resume’ writing is such an important activity of a job applicant that he cannot possibly mess up with it in job application. And especially given the number of job applicants that apply for job positions advertised, it becomes even more crucial to get it right in terms of Resume Writing.

However, the same cannot be said of a Cover Letter. A Job Cover Letter is supposed to go with a resume’ in a job application. But then, many job applicants are actually not as sure about the art of cover letter writing, as they think they are about Resume’ Writing. And even those candidates, who are convinced about the need for a cover letter, are not sure about the purpose of a professional cover letter. Why should one have a cover letter, in the first place, when there is already a Resume’ available?

Clarity in this regard would help the job applicant write a professional cover letter. A cover letter is an introduction to a Resume, a call of courtesy. You may think of it as putting a Resume’ in an envelope – the recruiter is going to remove the Resume’ out of the envelope anyway, so, why bother to seal it in a cover? Should we, call it, business etiquette? You can think of a cover letter as being something similar to that.

Further, a cover letter is a brief, a very brief, introduction of yourself to the recruiter. As you would know, Resume’s are long and sometimes, tend to be complicated. A cover letter, on the other hand, could be crisp, in your own style and be a reason why the recruiter should go through the Resume’. In other words, the recruiter could decide whether to read your Resume’ or not, based on your cover letter. So, make it short, to the point and use it as an advertising message for your Resume’.

Irrespective of whether you attach a cover letter to your Resume’ or not, your Resume’ has to be adapted and modified to the job position that you apply for. Never do the mistake of standardising your Resume’ to all jobs that you apply for – customise your Resume’ to the job vacancies and attach a neat cover letter. When you do that, your job is already half done!

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