Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies

Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies

Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies - Rheumatoid Arthritis Cause - Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment | Health & FoodRheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disabling systemic inflammatory disease whose origin or the cause has not been determined as yet. It can involve not only the joints but also most tissues of the body, particularly the lymph nodes, eyes, the pleura, lungs, the pericardium, kidneys, connective tissues and the musculature.

There are two forms of this disorder; severe and chronic. In severe cases, there is a pain, inflammation and fever. The patient should not perform Yogasana under these circumstances. Asana are beneficial only in a chronic case. It becomes chronic when the disease has been suppressed by the usage of drugs. The patient has no inflammation or fever but has only the pain in the joints.

The root cause of this disease according to the alternative remedies lies in the digestive disorders which might have occurred in the patient earlier in the life. The allopathic medicines help in reducing or controlling the pain but often do not redress the root of the disease. In most cases, the problem is caused by constipation which was treated by use of drugs. This does not remove the poisonous substances which are left in the intestines and the accumulated poison causes pain and inflammation of the pain.

Garudasan is an excellent asana as an exercise of the joints of the arms and legs. The methodology of doing the asana is to stand erect with the right leg bent slightly. Curl the left leg on the right leg as if a creeper is climbing on a tree. Bend the upper part of the body slightly forward and curl the arms in the similar manner as explained for the legs. Make sure that the palms of the tow hands touch each other, after the arms have been curled. Beginners can stand against a wall so as to maintain a balance. The asana can be performed for as long as your body finds it easy. During the asana inhale and exhale in a peaceful manner and keep your body relaxed. Repeat the asana with the left leg and also interchange the arms.

The asana can be repeated up to 4 times in a day. This asana helps in flowing out of the poisonous substances that cause the pain to flow out of the joints and the muscles of the joints are also exercised. It helps in reducing the pain.

Badh Padmasana is another useful yogasana. Sit on the floor and stretch the right leg forward. Take hold of the right foot with both hands and folding the leg at the knee, place the foot on the left thigh. Repeat the process for the left leg. Keep the body erect and place the hands between the heels one over the other. Keep the breathing normal. This is the Padmasana. Now take both the arms behind your back, place them like a cross, and hold the toes of the left foot with the right hand and the left foot toes with the right hand. Maintain the asana as long as possible. Increase the duration of the asana gradually and with ease. Inhale and exhale in normal manner.

This asana is healthy for the joints. The pain in the joints decreases, the digestive system improves, constipation is cured, the appetite improves, the white glutinous matter stops secreting from the bowels.

The patient of the rheumatoid arthritis should eat food that is nourishing, palatable and should be adjusted according to the individual needs of the patient. The diet should be high in vitamins and proteins. If the patient shows signs of anemia, foods rich in iron should be included in the diet. The patient should avoid cold drinks, radish, curd, buttermilk, rice and lentils. If a food does not agree with you avoid it.

Lime juice mixed with warm water is very beneficial as it helps in removing acidity in the intestines. Lime is rich in vitamins and helps in improving the body vitality and also cures constipation. Hot water fomentation also helps in alleviating pain.


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