Right Use of Hair Dryer

Right Use of Hair Dryer

Right Use of Hair Dryer - Types Of Hair Dryer - How to Use Hair Dryer | Tips on - Find TipsWhenever you are going out for a party, you use hair dryer to make your hairs look smart and styled. Hair dryer is a common hair and styling tool which is easy to use.

A hair dryer gives a blast of warm to hot hair and dries the wet hair. Before using the hair dryer on your delicate hair, you must consider few factors about hair dryer like type of hair dryer, reaction of your hair, precaution to save your hair from heat.

Types of Hair Dryer

You have choice of many hair dryers of different brands. Hair dryer, you choose, should suit your hair drying and styling requirements. Normally, a hair dryer throws a gush of hot air which is used for drying of hairs. Hair Dryers may have other features lik

• Multiple heat settings; cool settings for setting gels or curls

• Different attachments for different styling requirements

• For traveling purpose, voltage adapters are provided.

How to choose hair Dryer?

Selection of hair dryer depends upon kind of usage. If you have short hair and you use hair dryer frequently, a simple hair dryer will do for you. But a simple hair dyer does not have temperature settings and it can damage your hair.

People who need more styling should choose hair dryer with styling attachments. People with hair which sensitive to heat, should go for hair dryers with latest technology which have feature which save hair from any damage.

Right Use of Hair Dryers

Hair Dryer is of great help if you want to achieve smooth look of your hairs but you should use it in right manner.

If used in combination with heat-activated conditioners and different styling products, it can condition the hair.

Air should be directed from roots to the tips of the hairs otherwise it can damage the hair follicles and hairs get frizzy look.

Keep the dryer at least 8 inches away from the hairs.

First let the hair get dry naturally and use dryer on damp hairs only.

Avoid concentration of heat on one place.

Use filter for long hairs otherwise hairs may get stuck in fan of the dryer.

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