Rio Movie Review

Rio Movie Review

Rio Movie Review - Rio Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Directed by Carlos Saldanha, ‘Rio’ is the latest animated cartoon film to hit the theaters this weekend. Released on April 8, 2011, the film revolves around a rare bird and his adventures in the great, big, colorful world of Rio De Janeiro. Filled with plenty of colors, vibrant characters and amazing visuals, the movie is a treat for the eyes and would definitely connect with families, especially children!

Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) is a rare macaw who is pretty, geeky and hates to fly. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t. That’s right! A bird that cannot fly! And Blu is miserable about it. Another fact that contributes to his sorrows is the feeling that he is the only bird of his kind in the entire world!

Rio Movie Review - Rio Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Spending his days with his friends in a jungle, Blu is illegally captured one day and taken to a small town in Minnesota where he is rescued by a small girl called Linda (Leslie Mann). Blu and Linda become the best of friends and enjoy life together.

Blu’s misconception of being the only one of his kind in the entire world is soon cleared when a visiting ornithologist Tulio (Rodrigo Santaro) claims that while Blu is the only remaining male of the species, there is an equally rare female macaw called Jewel who lives in Brazil.

Rio Movie Review - Rio Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

The ornithologist requests Linda to take Rio to Brazil where they can enable both the macaws to mate and give birth to a new generation; which would in turn ensure that the macaw population of the world is sustained.

And so, Linda and Blu arrive in Brazil to meet Jewel (Anne Hathaway). Everyone expects the two macaws to hit it off instantly. However, that doesn’t happen. The flight challenged, domesticated Blu is no match for the fiery, spunky, independent and high flying Jewel who looks upon Blu with disdain.

Fate has other plans for them though! When Blu is captured again, Jewel finds herself captured along with him. The two macaws are chained together and are all set to be smuggled.

Blu and Jewel manage to escape however, thus starting a wonderful journey of love, friendship, moral values, courage and respect as they battle out all odds to stay together and reach home.

Rio Movie Review - Rio Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

In between all this, you get to see other vibrant characters; several sub plots, spectacular backdrops, wonderful songs and dances, and of course the bright colors of Brazil.

Director Carlos Saldanha successfully manages to showcase an emotional tale of love and friendship in ‘Rio’. While the friendship between Linda and Blu is authentic, the love that brews between Blu and Jewel is very heart warming to watch on screen.

Backing up the characters is a very strong script that manages to hold the helms of the story in place. And although the humor is less, the film manages to hold onto your attention with its pacy narrative, top notch voiceovers and some fantastic cinematography by Renato Falcao.

Rio Movie Review - Rio Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Some of the individual scenes in the movie are simply fantastic. For example, the chase scene where the two macaws scamper over cable cars, trolleys and para gliders; with the camera moving atop sunny beaches and the rugged Sugarloaf Moutain, is a treat for the eyes. Added to all this is a scintillating climax at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro that would defintely make you cheer for Blu and Jewel when they finally escape from their captors and reach home.

The animation could have a bit better in places and the writing seems to lag post interval. However, these minor flaws don’t keep the film from achieving its sole purpose: entertaining the audience.

Rio Movie Review - Rio Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Our Verdict: Definitely watchable!

Director: Carlos Saldanha

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Rodrigo Santoro, Jesse Eisenberg, Leslie Mann, George Lopez, Carlos Pounce and Jake T. Austin

Rating: 3.5/5

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