Romantic Ways To Propose Marriage To Woman

Romantic Ways To Propose Marriage To Woman

Romantic Ways To Propose Marriage To Woman - How To Propose Marriage To a WomanOne of most romantic occasions in the life of a woman is her engagement. To be very frank, each woman has lot of expectations regarding this occasion, irrespective of the fact whether they would be fulfilled or not.

Though a good engagement ring is a pre-requisite for the occasion, there are some other things that can be taken care of so that occasion becomes special and memorable. Most of people invest money and time in buying a perfect diamond engagement ring. Though this gesture is justified, there is much more a woman expects. There are no limitations and creativity of a person can take any form.

First of all, a person must be romantic at the occasion. This applies to both the spouses. However, women have more expectations. All women want to be greatly romanced on this day, as it is made for them only. A perfectly executed marriage proposal is one of most romantic events in the life of a woman. As per her likings, a man should act in a way that she remembers the occasion throughout her life.

There are some old ways of proposing that are still liked today by all women. For example, a person can bend on his knee and can propose with a large bunch of roses in his hand and a well-prepared speech. Though there would be many friends and relatives present at the occasion, this must not deter a person from proposing to his love.

Putting some adventure in proposal can also make the occasion special. For example, she can be taken for a sky dive and then proposed. As soon as they reach ground, engagement ring can be worn. Scuba diving can also be a memorable experience for a woman. She can be offered with a beautifully written romantic note under water. Similarly, rock climbing is another adventure that can be tried for proposing to a woman. At reaching the top of cliff etc, a person can bend on his knee and can propose with an engagement ring.

If a person can afford spending good amounts on her beloved, he can go for a surprise weekend. For example, they can go to some peaceful and romantic valley or they can go so some riverside areas. There is nothing more romantic than staying in a cozy bed and having a breakfast. In the evening, he can take her out for a dinner at a good restaurant and can propose her with an engagement ring. Pampering the beloved at a luxurious resort also takes love to new heights.

There are some women that like to be proposed in the public. For them, public displaying of affection is not a matter of embarrassment. For example, a person can come out with an advertisement in a newspaper asking his beloved to marry him. Woman must not have any prior knowledge of this act and it must appear as a surprise for her. Similarly, she can be taken to a movie and when the advertisements start at the beginning, a person can play his ad for proposing her. It can be in the form of a short video or a still picture. Some people also approach local radio stations and propose to her through airwaves.

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