Rooibos - Health Benefits of Rooibos - Benefits of Rooibos - Effects of Rooibos | Tips on - Find TipsRooibos, pronounced as Roo-Boss, are cultivated extensively in South Africa. The Latin name for rooibos is ‘Aspalathus Limearis’; it is a beverage taken by the locals of South Africa. It is found in South Africa’s Western Cape of Cedarberg mountains. The rooibos plants grow up to a height of 5 feet and are red in colour.

Rooibos are a favourite in the West and is extensively used as an ingredient in herbal teas.

Some of the health benefits of rooibos are as follows:

- It is a rich source of Vitamin C.

- It is totally free of caffeine and has a high level of ‘polyphenolic anti – oxidants’ which help to reduce cardio- vascular diseases and complications in diabetes. The anti – oxidant properties help to slow down the rate at which brain ages, however this claim does not have enough proof yet, it is still in experimental stage.

- It does not have the bitter taste as in other teas because rooibos is devoid of tannins. A lower amount of tannin is important for people with digestive problems.

- It has anti – spasmodic effects for which rooibos are used as a treatment for newborns having stomach cramps and colic problems. In adults, it removes digestive problems and relaxes intestinal spasms.

- Rooibos contains flavonoids that protect the cells from genetic damage through mutations. More researches are carried out to understand the benefits of rooibos in this aspect.

- It reduces the risk of skin tumors.

- The presence of flavonoids also helps as anti – inflammatory properties. Rooibos helps to cure skin ailments like eczema and other allergies.

Usage- Rooibos herb is used to make tea (hot or cold), soups, drinks, hand creams and lotions. There are two types of rooibos tea- red (fermented) and green (non-fermented). Green tea is mild in taste and red tea has a stronger taste. Till date, there are no adverse effects of rooibos that have been found.

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