Rose Types: Wild Roses

Rose Types: Wild Roses

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Roses are a boom to garden. They make the garden beautiful and fragrant. There are a thousand types of roses available in the market. The three basic groups of roses are Species Roses/ Wild Roses, Old Garden Roses and Modern Garden Roses.

Species Roses

They are the roses grown in wild for many years. They are the base of the old garden roses and modern garden roses. Most of them bloom once in a year and have five petals and many of them are thorny climbers. There are different types of wild roses.

1. Hesperhodes: – They are found in southwestern USA. They have a gooseberry like rose hip.

2. Laevigatae: – Five wild rose species were grouped to form this. These roses are from China

3. Gallicanae: – European old garden roses were originated from this type.

4. Synstylae: – Rambler roses and clustered roses were originated from this type.

5. Platyrhodon: – It includes chestnut rose and the hips of this type resembles chestnuts. The native place of this type is china.

6. Bracteatae: – It’s a group made from three wild rose varieties. The most popular one is the mermaid rose. It,s an evergreen climber with bright yellow flowers. It is a vigorous plant that can be grown in mild climates.

7. Carolinae: – It’s a native of North America. It is a shrub growing up to 1m height. It has numerous thorns in inter nodal region.

8. Pimpinellifoliae: – Most of the varieties of this type are garden roses. They grow up to 2.5- 5 feet height. Eighteen wild roses were grouped in to this type.

9. Cinnamomea: – It includes a range of varieties growing up to 2.5-5 feet height. It has only a slight fragrance and sometimes no fragrance. It flowers once in a year.

10. Chinenses: – It is a native of China. This is the basis for the repeat bloomers in the modern roses. It serves as the parent for many of the modern classical types.

11. Caninae: – It is a shrub growing up to 2 m height. It has only a little fragrance or no fragrance. It flowers once in a year. It’s a European wild rose.
12. Banksianae: – It is a group of climbers. It’s an early flowering type with a little or no thorns. It is a native of China.

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