Sabbatical - What is a sabbatical - Sabbaticals from work - Advice on how to get a sabbatical » What Is A SabbaticalMany of you guys and gals out there may not really understand what a ‘sabbatical’ really is. Though it is a very vague term of people in places like India but in the developed countries especially the US and the UK employees taking a sabbatical from work is some thing people hear and talk of every day – it is becoming common parlance the world over.

So what is a sabbatical anyway? Well for the uninitiated a sabbatical is nothing more than taking an extended holiday from work without your employer actually showing it as a break in service. A sabbatical typically lasts for a period of 2 months ore maybe more. These breaks may or may not be paid breaks but it all depends on the employer and the policies of the firm or company.

Taking a sabbatical is a great way to make time for yourself and your family by taking an extended break away from work. Now a sabbatical may even affect any promotion that you may have been in line for, so before deciding on opting for a break, talk it over with your boss.

Many employers offer sabbaticals as a reward to employees who have completed a certain number of years with the firm. One company the Guardian Media Group is known to allow employees an entire month off with pay every fourth year of service. Another company the John Lewis Partnership offers employees who complete 25 years of service 6 months of paid leave with all benefits thrown in as if they were on duty during their sabbatical.

Some employers are known to throw in some riders if they offer sabbaticals to their employees. These riders could include the employee having to undergo some training to enhance his or her skill set or acquire newer skills during the sabbatical in order to improve performance at work on their return. However, many argue that this is not a true sabbatical as a sabbatical is nothing less than making time for ones self – away from the hum-drum of work!

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