Safari-Inspired Fashion Tips

Safari-Inspired Fashion Tips

Safari-Inspired Fashion Tips - Safari-Inspired Clothing - Safari-Inspired Jewelries - Safari-Inspired Khakhi Pants | Tips on - Find TipsAn exciting fashion trend is to be decked with the safari-inspired accessories and clothing. The safari fashion trend included wide brimmed hats, animal printed bags and dresses, khaki pants and wooden jewelries. Here are the tips about clothes and accessories that you should choose to match the safari fashion trend.

Safari-inspired clothing

The safari-inspired dresses included animal print dresses, khaki pants, safari skirts, safari jackets and trench coats. The traditional safari clothing is made of cotton and linen. However, designer safari-inspired clothing, besides the traditional materials, is made of silk, chiffon and satin. The shirts and jackets are not stiff, like the traditional clothes, but are more soft and light. The colors of the clothes are mainly khaki, white, yellow and various earth tones.

Safari-inspired Bags

The safari fashion inspired handbags, totes or clutches are adorned with animal prints, such as giraffe and leopard patterns. The material of the bag might be snakeskin or calf leather. A designer leopard print bag, such as the one from Saint Laurent would cost around $2,295. However, you can spot any trendy animal pattern bag in your local store, priced below $50.

Safari-inspired Wide Brimmed Hats

These hats are not only classy, but nonetheless, they would protect you from the harmful sunrays. The wide brimmed hats are available in neutral shades or in animal patterns. Designer linen hats with a thin leather band might cost you around $150 to $200. You can buy trendy hats priced below $50 that are largely made of cotton.

Safari-inspired Jewelry

The range of safari-inspired jewelries is simply splendid. Carrying imprints of African tribal fashion, these jewelries include animal print bangles made of wood or enamel, beaded necklaces and elephant jewelries, including intricately carved amber elephant necklaces.

Safari-inspired Footwear

The safari-inspired shoes comprises of sandals with tribal patterns and animal prints.

Safari-inspired Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are part of the safari-inspired fashion trend. The 100 percent ultra-violet ray protective lenses completes your the safari-inspired look.

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