Salman To Charges Rs 2.5 Crore For DKD

Salman To Charges Rs 2.5 Crore For DKD

Salman To Charges Rs 2.5 Crore For DKD - Salman Shocks Sony, Demands 2.5 Crore For Dus Ka DumSit back veterans Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan! For this Khan has surpassed you by leaps and bounds to become the highest paid film star for hosting Television shows. Yes, we are talking about Bollywood’s own Bad Boy, Salman Khan!

The actor who is currently hosting the hit television show, Big Boss 4 which is being aired on Colors TV has been approached by Sony Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. to host the third season of one of the most watched game shows in India, DUS KA DUM.

The show was adjudged to be one of the major moneychurners for the television channel which retained Salman Khan as the host for the second season as well. However, the producers are in a fix now as they face Salman’s extraordinary quote as fees for hosting the show, a whopping 2.5 crore rupees per episode.

The actor has even gone on to state that his decision is final and he would come on board only if he gets the said amount. The said amount is actually a 51 % hike of his earlier pay for the first and second seasons of the same show.

According to sources, the actor was paid only 1.65 crore per episode for the first and second seasons respectively (the channel insists he did the entire show (104 episodes) for 89 crore rupees though).

Apparently there was a small tiff between Salman and the makers of the show when the actor was approached for Dus Ka Dum 3 earlier on in August 2010. The actor had asked for a substantial pay hike which was rejected by the channel on grounds of economic constraints and recession woes. The actor and the channel parted ways over the same issue.

Salman went on to sign Bigg Boss 4 with Colors Tv which is doing a great job in boosting the TRP ratings of the channel. Currently, the actor is making 2 crore for each episode of the show and will most likely host the next season (Big Boss 5) of it as well.

Sony Television on the other hand could not find a suitable replacement for Salman who had his own way of winning the audience’s hearts. When all efforts to get a replacement failed, the channel decided to make peace with the actor and approached him again with the offer.

And this time, they chose to adhere to the actor’s terms and conditions, which meant, agreeing to pay him 2.5 crore rupees for each episode of Dus Ka Dum 3.

Shooting for Dus Ka Dum 3 is slated to start soon and with this deal and the next season of Big Boss in his pocket, Salman Khan has escalated from being just the Bad Boy of Bollywood to the Bad Millionaire of Bollywood.

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