Sandesh Recipe

Sandesh Recipe

Sandesh Recipe - Malai Sandesh - How To Make Sandesh » Sandesh recipesHey people, here are some sumptuous sandesh recipes for you all!

Triveni sandesh

400 gm paneer, 50 gm badam, 25 gm chironji, 1 tsp cardamom powder, 1/4tsp red color, 250 gm sugar, 25 gm rasins, ¼ tsp yellow color, 25 pista


Add sugar to paneer, mash it and then blend it. When paneer gets soft, divide it into 3 parts.
Add red color to one part and yellow in color and keep the third part as it is.
Grease the plate and put a layer of red colored paneer.
Sprinkle almonds flakes and cardamom powder over it.
Now, put a layer of yellow paneer over it.
Sprinkle pista flakes over yellow part.
At the end, put a layer of white paneer. Sprinkle rest of cardamom powder, chironji and rasins.
Now, place this in the refrigerator to set.
When it gets set, cut it into desirable shape and serve.

Malai sandesh

1 kg paneer, 400 gm sugar, 25 gm pista, 100 gm milk, 400 gm khoya, 50 gm badam, 25 gm cardamom


bring milk to a boil and add khoya to it. Cook it till khoya bends well with milk. Keep the consistency thick. Keep it aside.
Add sugar to paneer and mash it well. Sauté this mixture well in a pan.
Divide khoya and paneer in 2 parts.
Add vanilla essence and pink color to one part and green color and grapes essence into other.
Grease the plate and spread pink colored part on it. And sprinkle copped almonds ad cardamom over it.
Similarly spread green colored paneer and make a layer of it. Again sprinkle cardamom and almond flakes again over it.
Repeat the layer positions again at last, garnish with chandi vark.
Refrigerate in freezer.
Cut into desirable shapes and serve.

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