Sandwiches Recipe

Sandwiches Recipe

One of the quickest and easiest things to make is a sandwich. It can be eaten plain, grilled or toasted. It can be eaten as meals and also as snacks. It can also be served at parties and given to kids who are at home. You will always need to pack something for the kids to take to school as well. This is a very good option for you.

Instead of eating a plain boring sandwich; why not make it more interesting and even healthier. Take a heavy bottom pan and add a bit of olive oil and then add some cumin seeds. Once it starts to splutter add crumbled cottage cheese and also some finely grated cabbage. Cook for a few minutes. Then add salt and remove form the gas. This can be applied on the bread and grilled and eaten. Add cheese on to it if you like and make it tastier and healthier. You can refrigerate and keep this mixture for a few days as well.

Another variation is to make healthy chutney. Take a bundle of coriander and clean it well. Put in  in a mixer along with half an onion and a pod of garlic. Add one green chilli and some salt. Churn this in the mixture by adding a bit of water and make it in to a paste. Remove it in to a bowl and keep refrigerated. Apply it on your bread slice and eat it as a healthy chutney sandwich. You can add cheese and other vegetables like tomato and cucumber and also potatoes and beetroot. The chutney adds to the taste of the sandwich.

The good thing is that you can keep both these things for a few days and the kids will find it very easy to make it themselves once the mixture and the chutney is ready. They are great for emergency house guests and even if it not ready it takes not more than five minutes to prepare either of the two sandwiches. You can add on to your healthy sandwich by using whole wheat or even better would be whole grain bread.

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