Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry - The Importance of Saying Sorry - Ways of Saying Sorry - How to Say Sorry | Tips on - Find TipsSaying sorry is not easy for many of us but it can really be the ‘stitch in time that saves nine’ in many instances. Most of the time it is better to say sorry and move on rather than not and face a greater loss as a consequence.If you feel sorry for what you have done or said then do not hesitate to say it. Sometimes you may not really feel sorry but it is another way of saying ‘I still value you and what happened should be forgotten’. However mean what you say and learn to say sorry as we all make mistakes and should be willing to accept them.

Giving flowers or cards is a very gentle and sweet way of saying sorry and can easily make the other person forgive you. Flowers do not necessarily have to be given to a female. Girls, go ahead and buy flowers for your guy and say your sorry. He might be a bit embarrassed but better have him embarrassed than angry after all! Apart from flowers you could also buy something special which you know he or she would like. If you are really bad at saying it then you can type it in an sms and send it over. However this should be the last resort.Think of other really creative ways of saying sorry like making a video of you saying sorry and send it over to his or her house.

If it is a very long confession that you need to make then write it down and practice it before you actually say it, especially if it is an apology which your life depends on! Be very patient. Do not try to force forgiveness out of anyone. Neither should you be overly apologetic. Know when to stop and realize when the other is not giving you any space to accept what went wrong and move on. If he or she values you the same they will surely come around. But do say sorry and leave the rest so that you know you have done your part.

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