Scream 4 Movie Review

Scream 4 Movie Review

The first film of the franchise (titled ‘Scream’) which released way back in the ‘90s became a cult of sorts, completely redefining the horror genre and films that followed the same! Followed by quick sequels (Scream 2 and Scream 3); the entire series, along with its stars, catapulted to immediate stardom.

Scream 4 Movie Review - Scream 4 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

And now after a hiatus off 10 years after the last sequel, Director Wes Craven has teamed up with Kevin Williamson again to come out with the fourth installment in the series (released on April 15th 2011).

Titled ‘Scream 4’, the movie brings back to life the much remembered team of Sidney, Gale Weathers and Sergeant Dewey (a Sherrif now); the city of Woodsboro and its inhabitants (some fresh faces noticed here); and the murderous ‘Ghost Face’ who remains in everyone’s memory till date as the best stalker (and killer) ever.

The story remains the same with a few changes made here and there to include new characters into the narrative. The main protagonist is however, Sidney Prescott (played by Neven Campbell) who returns back to Woodsboro, her hometown after nearly 10 years of living in solitude.

Scream 4 Movie Review - Scream 4 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Although apprehensive at first (nightmares of Ghost Face still haunt her), Sidney, who is now the author of a self help book decides to stop by the town before ending her book tour. While there, she gets reacquainted with old friends; former journalist Gale (Courtney Cox) and her husband Sherrif Dewey (David Arquette).

However, there is another friend who has been waiting for 10 years to meet her again. And he/she apparently wants to do it in style. And so, the murders start again as ‘Ghost Face’ starts killing one victim after another in front of Sidney’s eyes, bringing to reality once again her worst nightmare ever! Before she realises it, Sidney finds herself and everyone around her in grave danger as Ghost Face starts haunting Woodsboro again!

This being the base plot, ‘Srcream 4’ has given room for some additional entrants some of whom happen to students at the Woodsboro High School. The new entrants include Jill (Emma Roberts), Sidney’s teenage cousin; and her friends (played by Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin); a creepy local cop (Mary Shelton) and Sidney’s publicist (Alison Brie).

First things first! With a huge gap of 10 years between the sequels, you can expect things to get way out of control here. For in these 10 years, the very definition of horror has changed incredibly. And if Wes Craven wants his film to enjoy at least a decent audience, he should come up with some out of the box tricks and haunts to keep everyone entertained!

Scream 4 Movie Review - Scream 4 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Thankfully, he manages to do just that with an impeccable script and an equally impressive screenplay which is nearly flawless, save for a few miniscule loop holes here and there that can easily be ignored.

While ‘Scream 2’ and ‘Scream 3’ failed to meet expectations, ‘Scream 4’ manages to meet the same and even goes to the extent of setting the bar for other slasher films that would release in the future. The film is loaded with plenty of jumps, thrills, suspense, scares and of course; gory murders.

‘Ghost Face’ becomes even more sadistic in his/her murderous approach in this installment. Instead of simply targeting Sidney and her friends, ‘Ghost Face’ now starts targeting innocent victims as well with the sole notion of brutally attacking and murdering them in front of Sidney, Gale and Dewey!

In addition to the quintessential horror element, ‘Scream 4’ has some incorporated humor as well which acts as a saving grace for the film when it tends to drag a bit, especially during the third act. The opening scene has been intelligently shot in addition to the climax which would definitely surprise you (we are not revealing anything here. Watch the movie to find out!).

Scream 4 Movie Review - Scream 4 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Neven Campbell who has enacted the role of Sidney Prescott in all the prequels, returns again as a more somber, stronger and less vulnerable individual; a sharp contrast to the timid Sidney Prescott we were used to seeing in the previous installments. Sidney appears more confident now and is not afraid to face her demons, let alone ‘Ghost Face’.

David Arquette as Sherrif Dewey and Courtney Cox as Gale are involved in the core of things as well and the movie belongs to them as much as it belongs to the main heroine, Sidney. They ooze life into their witty performances and manage to enliven you with their jokes and one -liners even in dire situations. They make a great on screen pair, complementing each others performance wonderfully.

The director has ensured that the new entrants to the movie are capable of delivering what is asked of them. And in sharp contrast to actors in recent slasher films who get to do nothing else but run and scream their heads off; Craven makes sure that each actor is given his/her space in the narrative. And the actors have lapped up the plentiful opportunities gleefully.

Scream 4 Movie Review - Scream 4 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Worth mentioning are Rory Culkin as Charlie and Erik Knudson as Robbie. Effectively replacing Stuart (played by Liliard) and Randy (played by Kennedy) in the previous films, the onscreen buddies seem to be at ease while enacting their respective roles; that of a wannabe reporter who interviews the students of Woodsboro High about the killings and documents the same (Robbie), and that of an outspoken expert on the horror genre (Charlie).

The rest of the cast is justified as well. Emma Roberts who essays the role of Campbell’s onscreen teenage cousin Jill is in par with the actress when it comes to dishing out a wallop of a performance. And although she is quite clearly not the favorite person in the movie, she makes use of the opportunity given to her and shines in her effortless portrayal.

And then there’s Panettiere who is more than just the film’s sex appeal. Her one- liners, jabs and quirky remarks would surely bring a smile to even a hardened genre fan. So it’s worth watching out for her as well.

Scream 4 Movie Review - Scream 4 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

On the whole, ‘Scream 4’ can be termed as one horror flick you would not want to miss this season. It’s scary, brutal, horrific, sadistic, and humorous; all at the same time! So don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch this movie on the big screen where the real thrills lie!

Director: Wess Craven

Cast: Neven Campell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin and Erik Knudson

Rating: 3.5/5







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