Season of the Witch Movie Review

Season of the Witch Movie Review

Season of the Witch Movie Review - Season of the Witch Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & RatingIf you have a film that stars Nicholas Cage in it, you would probably expect some entertainment. And if the promos of the film show it to be some kind of supernatural thriller, your expectations increase double fold and you wait for the movie to release just like a small kid would wait up all night on Christmas Eve for Santa to drop down the chimney.

Alas! You know you are in for a big disappointment the moment the opening credits roll by. For there is nothing in ‘Season of the Witch’ that excites you or is even worth a special mention! Even Nicholas Cage is not his usual self. He looks disintereted and bored for the most part, which takes you back to his earlier years as a struggling actor who just couldn’t grab the right roles or make the right moves.

Directed by Dominic Sena, ‘Season of the Witch’ stars Behmen (played by Nicholas Cage) and Felson (played by Ron Perlman) who are medieval knights and trusted companions of each other. The two knights have seen their fair share of wars and adventures filled with bloody murders and cold blooded crimes.

When Behmen and Felson realise that these wars had killed millions of innocent victims, including women and children, they turn their back on their country and re- dedicate themselves to God, while shunning away from the Church that sponsored the same battles in the first place.

Season of the Witch Movie Review - Season of the Witch Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Labelled as deserters, Behmen and Fleson return to their homeland in Central Europe as prisoners only to find it beseiged by a dangerous Black Plague that has been supposedly caused by a witch who has also been imprisoned and is tortured endlessly.

Taken back to the Palace at Marburg, Behmen and Felson are brought before the Cardinal who has also been victmised by the plague and is now on his death bed. The Cardinal gives Behmen and Felson one shot at their freedom. They need to complete a mission which would both rid the country off the Black plague and win them their freedom.

The mission? Behmen and Felson need to deliver the young witch to a remote monastery where she would be tried and killed, if found guilty. Behmen agrees to the mission on one condition, that the girl be given a fair trial.

Season of the Witch Movie Review - Season of the Witch Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

And so, Behmen, Felson and a group of three other men (a priest, a wannabe knight and a guide) set out on an adventurous journey to deliver the witch to the abbey. An adventure that to their horror is no ordinray fare! An adventure that will see them facing the most devilish forces on earth, including the cunning witch herself. And an adventure, if successful, would make them the last hope of survival for every mortal on earth.

As the group journeys towards the abbey, it faces several challenges and roadblocks. These include a journey through the deadly Wormwood Forest which is filled with all kinds of supernatural forces (witches, devilish whisperings and bumps, plundering wolves and an evil Jungian woman).

The group also needs to pass through a rotten footbridge which luckily for them holds on just until they reach the other end safely. And as the group moves further ahead, its members are tested to the core with regards to their identity, sanity, bravery and companionship.

Season of the Witch Movie Review - Season of the Witch Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Nice as it sounds; ‘Season of the Witch’ fails to perform, largely due to a lackluster script that fails to bind a gripping storyline. The screenplay drags at places and the plot is all too familiar with the crusaders overcoming all kinds of challenges as they cross one barrier after another. Even the challenges look like mere video game facades that are not at all hard to accomplish. And so at the end, you miss out on the thrill that the film promised but failed to deliver.

As Behmen, Nicholas Cage looks unkempt and dull. Even though the actor has tried to emote well, he ends up looking unengaged and so unrealistic. Perelman who plays Felson just seems to follow Cage wherever he goes as if on cue. There’s really no solid connection between the friends and even Felson’s half witted antics don’t live up to the mark.

The villain of the story, apparently the witch who plays all kinds of cunning games with the group that escorts her to the abbey has been played by Claire Foy. The actress attempts to portray different shades of the character as the script demands of her. And you got to admit, she has done a good job at it too. You get to see an evil witch, a demon, an innocent victim, a normal human being and a pretty girl, all in one character.

Season of the Witch Movie Review - Season of the Witch Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

However, even Claire’s performance is not enough to save the underdeveloped story that seems to revolve around too many characters with no emotional connect whatsoever. And so when you finally leave the theater at the end of it all, you find yourself unsympathetic and actually thankful that the medieval torture ended.

Director: Dominic Sena

Cast: Nicholas Cage, Ron Perlman and Claire Foy

Rating: 2/5

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