Second Wedding

Second Wedding

Second Wedding - Second Time Marriage - First Wedding - Second Marriage » Dos and don’ts for second weddingWhen you decide to get married for the second time, the pressures and problems of a routine wedding often gets magnified. After all, step children and an extra set of in-laws are now a part of equation too. Here are some suggestions to deal with second wedding dilemmas.

For kids
* Remember that children from one or both relationships need to be handled carefully no matter whatever their age or sex.
* Wisely engage them in your plans as much as you both can
* Be prepared for their questions as certain amount of emotional upheaval is natural
* Ask their suggestions and try to incorporate some of them in your wedding plan. They would love that.

For guests
Don’t let the guests feel that they are caught up between the two camps; especially the friends and relatives of your ex. partner. Make sure you and your groom greet everyone. Tell as few people possible about your wedding plans, before the invitations go out, if you wish to keep it a small affair.

About attire
Its major decision for all-to-be-weds. But for second time, it’s all more very important that you go for the most appropriate choice. Though there is no real rule for this. Just beware of relatives and sellers who try to railroad you into getting a ‘sensible’ outfit.

Just wear something ornate or dressy. Mind it, deliberately dressing down may give your partner a message that this wedding is somehow second best, And you may even regret about your dress, when you look through your album years later.

Also, make sure you do not re-use the elements of your first marriage. If both of you have been married before, just take a look at both first wedding photographs to avoid a replay.

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