Seconds Apart Movie Review

Seconds Apart Movie Review

Seconds Apart Movie Review - Seconds Apart Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingLatino filmmaker Antonio Negret came into the spotlight way back in 2008 when he was announced as one of the ‘Top 10 Latino Directors to Watch’ by the Hollywood Reporter. And true to the report, this talented filmmaker has managed to make heads turn with his latest venture ‘Seconds Apart’.

Released on January 28, 2011 as part of the After Dark Original Series in the After Dark Film Festival, ‘Seconds Apart’ revolves around the dangers involved in telekinesis and people who possess telekinetic (psychic) powers. Beautifully crafted and frighteningly thrilling, ‘Seconds Apart’ manages to keep you at the edge of your seats for the entire run time of 95 minutes.

The movie starts off with the introdcution of twins Seth (Gary Entin) and Jonah Trimble (Edmund Entin), both of whom have telekinetic powers. Putting their horrific powers to use, the twins force a group of popular students from their school to play a deadly game of Russian roulette. And as the game progresses, the students start dying one after the other in mysteriously twisted and haunting ways.

As their powers increase, so do the intensity of the twins’ so called gruesome pranks (murders would be a better word). Things really start to heat up when detective Lampkin (Orlando Jones) steps into the picture.

Being assigned the case involving the mysterious murders happening in the city, Lampkin starts investigating the locals and collecting possible evidences, most of which point to the twins. As a result, Seth and Jonah find themselves as the prime suspects.

However, the facts gathered by Lampkin are either too negligible or abstract to be considered incriminating enough to capture the twins, who are in no mood to end their bloody rampage. Lampkin suffers another setback and falls into a state of depression when his house burns down, killing his wife and leaving him badly burnt in the process.

Seconds Apart Movie Review - Seconds Apart Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

This is when Eve (Samantha Droke) decides to make her presence felt. As a pretty student who has just moved into town, Eve unvoluntarily creates a psychic bridge of sorts between the twins who find her presence very distracting. This results in the twins not being able to see eye to eye on certain issues, and not being able to concentrate on their mysterious video project.

Things start to escalate out of control when Detective Lampkin witnesses the twins getting involved in a horrifying accident. Determined to get to the bottom of the case and their powers, Lampkin starts researching about Seth and Jonah’s supposedly secret background.

By the time he manages to make a startling discovery about the twins that could very well act as crucial evidence against them in court, the gap between Seth and Jonah has grown wider and irrepairable, resulting in a deathly battle between them with only one of them walking out of it alive in the end.

‘Seconds Apart’ manages to fit perfectly into the slot reserved for horror fests and psychological thrillers. The movie manages to provide plenty of thrills, chills, twists, jumps and scares to make you fret around in your seat for the most part of the narrative, expecting something scary to happen anytime!

Kudos to the director Negret who has patiently worked on the script for quite some time now! The end result is amazing; a solid and unique central plot that is embraced effectively by the razor sharp narrative, impressive screenplay, polished camerawork and extraordinary performances.

Seconds Apart Movie Review - Seconds Apart Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

The director chooses to provide subtle hints about the secret project the twins are working on from time to time in the narrative. And just when you begin to get an idea of what it is all about, he manages to pull you back to give more focus to the characters at hand, thereby distracting you from the furtive assignment until the very end (quite nightmarish to behold).

The surreal, gorgeous and sometimes disturbing imagery as portrayed by Negret and DP Yaron Levy makes the individual sequences all the more daunting to watch on screen. And the horror is taken to the extent of making you disbelieve your own eyes as you watch the narrative unfold.

Added to all these positives is the scintillating background score by Lior Rosner who manages to scare the living daylights out of you with his creepy music. The film scores brownie point in the editing department as well (courtesy: William Yeh) with the well timed shocks appearing very realistic (and truly scary) on screen.

The cast stands out in ‘Seconds Apart’ with all its characters dishing out exemplary performances. As the psychic twins, Gary Entin and Edmund Entin are frightening to behold and have performed extremely well in their respective roles.

Louis Herthum and Morgana Shaw who play the twins affectionate parents are exceptional as well in addition to Jones who has essayed the role of the traumatised detective with ease and sans any flaws.

On the whole, ‘Seconds Apart’ is one such horror movie you would definitely want to watch at least a couple of times for the feeling of dread to disappear. If you are a fan of horror flicks that consists of ghosts, monsters, ghouls, witches and apparitions etc. you must definitely add ‘Seconds Apart’ to your list of must watch movies.

Our Verdict: Check this one out on the big screen immediately!

Director: Antonio Negret

Cast: Gary Entin, Edmund Entin, Louis Herthum, Morgana Shaw, Samantha Droke and Orlando Jones

Rating: 4/5

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