Selecting a Puppy

Selecting a Puppy

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Every puppy in a litter would never turn in to a nice obedient dog. Of course, you should pick up a healthy puppy from a reputable puppy breeder. Age is an important factor for learning. Never select a puppy which is less than six week of age. A puppy is getting first lesson of interaction from its mother and litter mates and that of socialization from his breeder himself. So get puppy at right age. Bringing puppy to the right learning atmosphere at the right time would make huge difference in the adult dog behavior. A puppy of lesser age may have fear that becomes aggressiveness in an adult dog.

Socialization of the Puppy

A puppy should be allowed to mingle with all sorts of people in the kennel itself. Critical socialization period is from 21 days to 16 weeks. Socialization training would prevent many behavioral problems. Seven week is ideal time. Brain map of a puppy of seven week would be the same as that of an adult dog.

Identifying the Right Character of the Puppy

Don’t select a shy puppy. It is rather difficult to train a quite puppy. Similarly try not to get more aggressive puppy of the litter. It would not be obedient. Never get a pup of extremely mild or fearful parents.

Receptivity and Obedience

Puppy should be receptive and obedient. There is a simple test to check this. Pick up each puppy one at a time and hold them on their back. If puppy stays calm it may be a best choice. If puppy squirms around a lot it may be a challenge to training. Another test to see if a puppy has a dominant mind set is to hold him in your palm and lift his upper lip, revealing his teeth. If puppy squirms a lot while doing so he may be aggressive and less obedient.

Hence selecting a right puppy at right age is very important for training.

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