Self Help Health Care with Age

Self Help Health Care with Age

Self Help Health Care with Age - Thyroid Problem - High Cholesterol Level - Health Checkups | Tips on - Find TipsWith age, our body becomes susceptible to many diseases and ailments. We are so involved with daily survival that we ignore the signs shown by body on the state of health.

“Health Is Wealth” and so never ignore the indications provided below. Call it do-it-yourself health checkups.

1. For Legs- If there is a flattish rash on the inner side of your leg, above the ankle, it is a signal for thyroid problem. Get a blood test done immediately.

2. For Nails- A common thing in women regarding nails is the formation of depression smacks in the middle of nails. This is a signal of iron deficiency. Consult a doctor and go for a diet change.

3. For Mouth- If there is any discoloration at the corners of the mouth, it indicates a deficiency of Vitamin B. You will know it is discoloration if the color is at least two shades lighter than your lips. Consult a doctor and go for a diet change.

4. For Fingers- If the tips of fingers are swollen, it indicates chronic lung disorder. In layman language, this symptom is known as the “clubbing of the fingers”.

5. For Nose- A rash shaped as a tiny butterfly, if seen at the bridge of your nose indicates the development of a connective tissue disease or lupus. This is a multi organ disease that can affect the vital organs. It can strike at any age, but females are more prone to it than males. Consult a dermatologist.

6. For Eyelids- People are more prone to high cholesterol levels after the age of 35. If you upper eyelids contain tiny yellowish bumps clustered together, these could be cholesterol deposits. Go for a lipid profile test immediately and consult a general practitioner.

7. For Nature Calls- If you are visiting the toilet frequently, especially after the dark, you need to be tested for diabetes. Diabetes affects a host of organs and it requires only a blood test for detection.

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