Septate Uterus and the Associated Problems

Septate Uterus and the Associated Problems

Septate Uterus and the Associated Problems - Treatment for Septate Uterus - Female Uterus - Diagnosis of Septate Uterus | Tips on - Find TipsUterus

Uterus is an important muscular organ with in a woman. It is connected to the vagina below and fallopian tube above. Fallopian tube carries the egg from the ovary nearer to the uterus. Uterus carries the fetus and provides all conditions favorable for its growth. A fetus gets implanted in the uterus wall and the placenta attached to the wall nourishes the baby through the umbilical cord.

Septate uterus

Septate uterus will have a band of tissues running through the center of the uterus. It is called the septum. Usually the septum is made of fibrous tissues and these tissues won’t have much blood supply. This is a congenital malformation of the uterus in the prenatal period.

Problems of Septate Uterus

Septate uterus often leads to miscarriages. This is due to the implantation of the fetus on the septum. As this septum lacks enough blood supply and the placenta formed there on the septum may not get enough nutrients to nourish the baby. Lack of the nutrients results in poor growth of the baby and the baby won’t grow after a period. Miscarriage rate in a septate uterus is 25 to 47%.

If the baby is implanted on the normal walls then it will get all nutrients through placenta. The septum in the uterus will limit the space for the baby and baby finds it difficult to move with in the womb. The pressure on the uterus walls will be more and the uterus tries to expel the baby before completing the gestation period and this result in premature birth. In most of the cases the position of the baby won’t be correct as it lacks space to turn after a period. Then it becomes difficult to have a normal delivery so they need a surgery.

Diagnosis of Septate Uterus

Septate uterus can be diagnosed by a hysteroscopy or by a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). Ultra sound scanning is not enough to diagnose a septate uterus. Doctors will get some clues from the ultra sound and then they will advise you to adopt a more advanced hysteroscopy or hysterosalpingogram.

Treatment for septate Uterus

The only treatment that can be done for a septate uterus is the hysteroscopic septum resection. This will help to avoid premature delivery.

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