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Sex Facts

Sex Facts - Sexual Relations - Sex Myths » Myths and Facts about SexSexuality is so misunderstood. Somehow, myths have an enduring quality as many of us tend to believe the unsubstantiated myths and not scientific proof. This article will help to disprove some of the most common myths still circulating today.

Ahhh, The Size.

Much research has been done on this topic and it remains a topic of hot debate among the general population. While studies have proven that men with larger body parts tend to have sex more often than their counterparts with smaller organs, the actual act of having sex is not affected by the size of the penis. So, it’s not the size of the sea, but the motion of the waves when it comes down to size.

Erection required.

With all of the impotence repairing drugs and products in the market, this problem may seem to be quite widespread among men. And while all men from time to time may have difficulty with it, sex is still possible and enjoyable. The fact is that it is simply not a problem unless it becomes a regular occurrence.

With an occasional occurrence, don’t dwell on it, just be creative. Since skin is generally quite sensitive, the entire body can be considered sensual. Use your hands and your mouth to excite each other, and orgasm can be achieved without an erection.

The end result is ejaculation.

Sex is, by no reason, not a culmination of sex and sexual relations. Just prior to ejaculation, slow down or change positions to hold it back. Take a break or otherwise do something which can distract you from orgasm. After the orgasm, there is still no need for sex to be over.

Apart from intercourse, there are many creative things you can do to keep the passion alive until the partner is ready to go again. By the same token, sex can be very enjoyable without an orgasm at all.

When a man is in a relationship, there is no need for masturbation.

This particular belief couldn’t be farther from the truth! Those involved in a relationship may masturbate less, but they still masturbate. Likewise, women often enjoy masturbation and some couples masturbate each other for mutual pleasure.

Men stay “In the Mood”.

While it’s true that most men love sex, they really don’t stay in the mood all the time, nor do they want to be. Men are capable of thinking of other things!

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