Sex for Good Health

Sex for Good Health

Sex for Good Health - Benefits Of Sex - How to Improve Your Sex Life - Healthy Sex Life » Did you know that sex is good for your health?You didn’t misread the above question. Did you know that having a healthy and fulfilling sex life is a sure fire way to improve your lifestyle in general? Having good sex means having a happy life.

This statement is something you might have heard before. It’s widely agreed on by professionals in the field that good sex can make you healthier and happier, and it can even increase your life expectancy.

Okay, so we know that good sex is good for us. How do you go about improving your sex life? How do you get the benefits of having a healthy sex life? What is a healthy sex life?

Sex can boost your immune system.

Studies have proven that having regular sexual intercourse can boost your body and give it an added ability to fight off sickness and stress. This boost can help you resist viruses and lower the risk that you will get heart disease. Sounds good to me!

How can good sex make you healthier?

We all know this, sex makes you happy. Having good, regular sex makes you feel good. It improves your mood dramatically. It lowers stress levels. A hard day at the office can easily be melted away by a night of sexual bliss with your partner. We’ve all experienced this benefit of sex, whether or not we realize it.

Sex is great exercise.

Are you trying to get in shape? Perhaps you’d just like to keep in shape and keep away those extra pounds. Did you know that having sex is one of the best forms of exercise available?

A passionate and involved bout of love making can burn up almost 200 calories per hour. This is right up there with jogging or playing some sports. You can get a good workout by having sex.

Remember that you only get out what you put in. If you are looking for a good workout, give it a little extra. Don’t go overboard, but make sure you are working up a sweat and getting that heart rate pumping. This is half the fun of sex anyway, right? Sex is great for your body and mind.

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