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Sex Life

Sex Life - How To Revive Sex Life - How to Revive Sexual Life - How to Work out the Differences in Sex Life | Tips on - Find TipsSex is a vital part of marriage. And if your sex life has lost its spark, here are few thinks to pull it back into track.

1. No matter how much you love each other, both of you will never have the same sex drive. You should not expect your partner to be at your beck and call every time you need to feel satisfied. No two people can be on the same sexual platform at the same time. So at times, either of you will have to take care of your own needs by masturbating.

As long as the partner understands your need and works towards fulfilling the same, it is fine. Then there is no need to feel alarmed or ignored. After all, sometimes people can have a really bad day to be thinking about sex while retuning home. Be compassionate and understanding.

2. Boredom is a classic sex dampener. Having penetrative sex in the same position day in and day out can get really boring. Imagine, would you like to have the same dish everyday even though you love it much? The answer would be ‘no’.

Same thing applies in sexual life. So spice up things a bit and get creative in the bedroom. Go beyond the basic missionary position. Buy a book of Kamasutra and try experimenting with the various positions. Your partner will surely love it to the core. Organise special night-outs- drop the kids, if any, at friends place and just spend some time together.

3. If nothing else works, be honest about each other’s needs. Acting coy and hiding things will worsens the sexual tension between you two, so come clean. One of the reasons for dwindling sex life is the feeling of dissatisfaction. Due to this, the urge for sex decreases with time and the spouse feels ignored.

Tell your spouse exactly what you want, and then see the differences. Unspoken differences can ruin the marriage leading to separation. Try to work out the differences and bring back the earlier passionate sexual life.

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