Sex Tips For Hot Summer Days

Sex Tips For Hot Summer Days

Sex Tips For Hot Summer Days - Coolest Ways to Enjoy Hot Summer SexSummer is generally considered to be hotter to have any deep sexual relationship. This article focuses on summer sex tricks that would help you to enjoy sex with your partner in summer.The tips used in this article will flame your bedroom and will help you to enjoy this summer with your partner.


You should plan a naked date with your partner and this is an ideal summer sex that you should try. You should be making food, eating food, reading book, seeing TV together naked and you should fill water pistols with fruit juice and then splash each other. Each other should be licked clean and join your partner in bath tub and have a long bath that will lead to summer sex.You can also lather up each other in bath tub and have summer sex without drying off.

You should be planning a trip to some hills which are not crowded much. Try trekking through an area that is less crowded and try to take break in between and have summer sex with your partner. Let birds and trees also learn how to have summer sex from both of you.

Give your partner a more sensual striptease when it is least expected. If your girl is in kitchen doing some work and you should do a strip tease that will lead to summer sex. If he is watching football, give him confusion by doing a strip tease so that he would be in a dilemma to choose football or you and chances are that you would be lead to summer sex with him.

When you are in middle of party, take your partner to a secluded place and just give a warm kiss and try making it deeper if circumstances allow and whisper in ear “more summer sex tricks to follow back at home” and just go back . Your summer sex nights will be made warmer by this action.

Go to a nearby beach and just holding hands while water will be splashing at legs would definitely improve the emotional attachment and you would be spiced up for summer sex at night. Even watching romantic moments like sun setting would also throw out new summer sex tricks later in night.

You can go with your partner to public places like library and make sure that you rub your breasts against your partner’s body many times. If you are a male try rubbing your cheeks without anyone noticing it many times so that she will get the message. Outside summer heat will not bother you anymore and you can have a pleasing summer sex afterwards.

You can shave your partners beard by standing closer to him and let your breath tickle him for passionate summer sex. Then after shaving his beard whisper to him that you are going for a nap and while walking towards bedroom drop your dresses one by one to floor and lie naked with your eyes closed. The chances are high that you will get the most passionate summer sex kisses. You and your partner can also sip some cool water before really hot action begins and that will ignites sensual passion.

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