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Sexual Tips

Sexual Tips - Sexual Relationships - Sensual Undressing - Sexual Pleasures » Sexual Tips: Sensual UndressingFor those who make sexual pleasures an artistic thing of beauty, here are some tips on beginning the sexual experience BEFORE you undress. The art of stripping sensually takes some practice, but it can be well worth the time you invest for your mate. Both male and females can strip seductively and both should learn this art to enhance their sexual relationships.

Gifts of clothing

You may want to begin by gifting to your mate clothes that you find sexy. This will make his or her appearance attractive before you begin the art of undressing. You can make or purchase gifts of clothing you find attractive, and let your imagination go wild. Many people enjoy soft and silky clothes for their soft touch and silky flow.

Sipping on a nice beverage of your choice outside in the evening breeze makes silk or satin blow gently and shimmer with sexuality. The evening ambience, drinks and sensual clothing can get you started on a splendid evening of sensuality. As much as you may like the clothing, you will surely enjoy seeing it come off!


Have you ever taken a shower together with your clothes on? That may certainly not seem logical; however, wet clothing sticking to a body, holding their curves can be extremely sensual. Playing outside in the warm summer rain can also be fun and sensual. Carefully, slowly peeling off that wet clothing can be very sexually arousing and can get you both hot and ready for sex in a real hurry!

Stormy Passion

Some couples prefer their sex to be a little on the rough side. Then why not add some element of surprise? Maybe your beautiful wife is dressed in her house clothes, and is moving about the house doing her daily chores. Remove the broom from her hands and lift her off the floor.

Place her on any flat surface and begin ripping the clothes off her, maybe even using your teeth. Is she bold enough to watch you cut off the buttons?

Similarly, maybe your husband is lying on the couch watching the television. Crawl on top of him and rip the buttons right off his shirt. You can use your teeth to remove his belt, then, tear into his pants. Transform your self from a sex kitten to a wild cat. You will both be ready for some very hot sex! The more surprising the attack, the better it is!

Getting her to initiate

If you want her to initiate sex and undress herself for you in a seductive way, it may take some coaxing. She may feel her shape is not in perfect balance and she may prefer to keep herself covered. You will need to make her feel beautiful, and help her build her self- confidence.

Tell her she is beautiful to you, and you want her body just the way it is. It may take some time, but you will be able to help repair any self-destructive thoughts she may have about herself. Only you have the ability to encourage her to change her self-image. Once she is confident that you are sincere, she will be more willing to show off her body.

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