Sharbat Recipe

Sharbat Recipe

Sharbat Recipe - Anaar Sharbat Recipe - Kevrde Ka Sharbat Recipe - Lemon Squash Recipe » Sharbat Recipes For You AllHere are some relishing thirst quenchers for you all-have a look!

Anaar sharbat


1 kg anaar juice, 2 kg sugar, 6 gm citric acid, ½ kg water, pink color, ½ cup milk, few drops of anaar essence


Boil the anaar juice in a stainless steel pan so that it reduces to half.

Boil water in another container with 2 kg sugar. Prepare 2-tar chashni.

Now, add the prepared juice to the chashni. Take it off from flame.

When it cools down, add color and essence to it and fill in bottles after sieving well.

Place the bottles in refrigerator.

For keeping the sharbat preserved for various days, you can add citric acid to it at the time of sieving.

Annar sharbat is ready to be served.

Kevrde ka sharbat


750 gm kevrde ke phool, kg sugar, 4 kg water, 1 gm citric acid, 2 gm potassium metabite sulphate, essence, 250 gm kevre ka vark, citric acid


Soak the kevre flowers in water overnight.

Next day, boil the same water in which flowers were soaked on low flame with closed lid.

When water reduces to half, take it off from flame.

Let the water to cool down and then sieve it.

Add sugar and citric acid to the sieve water and again place on flame to prepare a 2-tar chaashni.

When it cools down, add potassium metabite sulphate dissolved in water. Also add few drops of kevra essence.

Lemon squash


200 gm lemon juice, 400 gm sugar, 1/2 tsp lemon essence


Wash the lemon and squeeze their juice in one bowl.

Boil water in a pan; add sugar to prepare 1-tar chaashni.

Pour the juice in the chaashni and sieve the total solution.

Add lemon essence and fill them in bottles.

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