Shaving Tools

Shaving Tools

Shaving Tools - Shaving Tips - Shaving Razor Burn » Shaving Questions and AnswersWhen we get up in the morning and face the mirror, we commence our daily routine with the shaving tools. It is wise to have a clear insight about effective methods of shaving. Many of us have several questions and we hardly find anyone to ask the shaving related questions. The essential tips associated to shaving can be of immense help for every man.

Skin care

Many of us have a pre-conceived idea that shaving harmful for the skin; it is wise to know that the top most layer of the skin is not at all removed after shaving. So, the skin cells are not at all affected. A hot water steam before shaving is advisable, actually the skin pores get opened and finally it results a better shave.

A major question among the guys is whether we are supposed to shave against the grain or not. It is always good not to shave against the grain as it can cause skin irruptions. In addition, shaving against the grain pulls the skin harshly up. If we do not shave against the grin, it is necessary to use proper after shave and skin moisturizing lotions.


Razor burn is a common problem, before shaving we must ensure that we use sharp razor in the skin whenever possible. Using a new blade can help to glide the razor smoothly. Similarly, it is necessary to rinse the razor and use it effectively. While using a electric razor it is necessary to clean the blade regularly.

When you feel irritation, first a splash of water can be applied and then antiseptic liquid in proper proportion. When we shave in a parlor or at a salon, it is essential to request for a new blade. Selection of razor is indeed important as a typical razor may not be convenient for all.

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