Short Men Clothing

Short Men Clothing

Short Men Clothing - Men Fashion Tips - Mens Low Rise Pants - Blazers And Jackets » Fashion Tips for Short MenBeing a short man can sometimes feel like a disadvantage. But it is not. If you are a short man, there are things that you can do to make yourself appear taller. Use these tips and hold your head up high.

Be Proud

Carry yourself like a man. Being short is not an excuse for you to act like a weak man. Do not let being short limit you or make you feel less than great. This inferior attitude is the actual flaw.

You should not joke about your height or act as if is a drawback. If others joke about your stature, laugh along with them, do not make a big deal about it or let your feelings be hurt. The truth is that you are short and you cannot change this, so you must be comfortable with it.

Tailor Your Clothing

Wear properly fitting clothes. If your clothes are too long, they will make you look disheveled. Have your clothes tailored for your height. If you cannot have them tailored, do not buy them. It is a waste of money and will only draw attention to your shortness.

Jackets Create Lines

Wear blazers and jackets. Creating different vertical lines will give the illusion of height. The jacket should fall just below the buttocks and not be made of shoulder pads. You do not want to look stumpy. Also avoid blazers with more than 3 buttons. More than 3 buttons will make you appear shorter.

Avoid False Solutions

Do not waste your time or money on lifts and thick soles. The thick soles will only look funny and call attention to your lack of height. Instead, maintain good posture. Slouching discounts from your height and makes you look shorter than you are.

Coordinate Your Colors

Wear a shirt and pants that are similarly colored. They do not have to match exactly. But if you have on blue pants, wearing a slightly lighter blue shirt will help you appear taller. It will harder to differentiate your waist and the two halves of your body.

Low Rise Pants

Purchase low rise pants. These pants have a shorter distance between the crotch and waistband. It is usually labeled on the inside tag of the pants. Having your pants fall lower on your hips will make your upper half appear longer. Do not let your pants flood or become too tight in the hips. Pants that are too short will emphasize the shortness of your legs.

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