Should a woman chuck her career after marriage

Should a woman chuck her career after marriage

Should a woman chuck her career after marriage - Her career after marriage - Career tips after marriege - Women Career after marriege » Should a woman chuck her career after marriage?Most of the women in Indian society like to be only housewife after marriage. The reason behind this can be either tradition or the mentality of people. Girls are prepared for such compromised life because they were taught to do so since they grow up. Girls with high skills and capabilities are forced to quit from their jobs, as the day for marriage is decided. And this time she is pushed by her parents to drain out all her dreams and goals.

There is no doubt that girl’s education has increased since last few years. However, the mentality of people for their social values remains same. Most of the Indian families favor the girl’s education because of the social pressure. Even today, education for girls only serve as passport in order to get better match for them. Young men also prefer to have only housewives not one who is career oriented and working woman.

So, even a girl with versatile skills and good post has to compromise with her career after marriage. However, the above statement is totally opposite for men. Men are allowed to go anywhere leaving their wife behind at home for the sake of their career. They have freedom to uplift themselves for better career. However, women have to take permission from their family to do so.

Children are also one of the most important factors for women to chuck their career after marriage. As girls are submissive and adjustable, they accept the truth of their life easily and destroy their dreams since the day of marriage.

Yet, the above statements are showing only one face of Indian society. Today, while practicing old customs and traditions, people are also molding their thinking in right direction. Today, women in India are working on high post in private as well as public sectors even after their marriage. They proved it to the society that they can be a good housewife and working woman together. So, the general tendency is changed now but only at certain level.

There are lots of professional courses in light that can give women new heights in their career even after marriage. The mentality of Indian male is also changed to some extent. They also support their wives to continue with their jobs even after marriage. However, still society requires lots of changes in this direction.
If families support their girl child to live up to her dreams and select a partner for her who respect her dreams and also help her to make them true, then only the girls can get rid of such obstacles from her career.

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