Should Kids Go To School Year-Round

Should Kids Go To School Year-Round

Should Kids Go To School Year-Round - The Advantages of a Year-Round School Schedule - Disadvantage for School Year Round » Should there be school year roundMost educational institutions work on a 10 month schedule and have been doing so for years. This ensures regularity. Year round schooling is based on a system of track-scheduling, in other words the children attend school continuously for nine weeks, take a break for three weeks, and then return to school.

The old system of a very long summer break is done away with, and is replaced by a week-long or a three week long break.

Parents enrolling their children into such a school will want to know the advantages and disadvantages of this system. Below are a few main points about these school systems.

The Advantages

They employ regular work habits with short breaks to rejuvenate and refresh the child. The children do not forget the old lessons as they used to with longer summer vacations because they keep in touch with their lessons.

Some educationists think it’s a waste to not use the school over the whole summer. The school campus is constantly being used. Since there are less breaks, children can engage in a number of hobbies and activities that keep them busy and enrich their lives.

Track scheduling makes it easy to enroll more children at the same school. Since there are many smaller breaks, the family has an opportunity to take vacations throughout the year, instead of taking only one major vacation in the summer.

The child spends most of his time at school. This means that both parents can work, and they do not need a private babysitter. The child is looked after in a safe environment and gains a quality education.

The Disadvantages

Cleaning and maintaining the school premises becomes difficult as children are present on the premises throughout the year. Higher utility bills, since the school operates the whole year.

A higher budget, as two meals (breakfast and lunch) are served at school. Summer activities decline, since there is no time for youth camps. Children can not get part time jobs either since they are always at school.

Track scheduling puts extra work on the teachers as they have to perform four reviews instead of the traditional one review at the beginning of the school year.

If parents have one child in the year round educational system and another in the traditional system, it becomes impossible to schedule trips and vacations out of town.

The teachers can get intimidated by the work load of setting up nine week schedules. And they have to repeat this after a three week break.

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