Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills - How to Prevent Getting Pregnant - Contraceptive Pill And Sexually Transmitted Diseases » Side Effects Of Contraceptive PillsWith the onset of contraceptive pills, couples, especially the females are relieved from the tension of expecting. Besides, the married women, these types of pellets are frequently consumed by the girls.

Now-a-days, the sale of such type of pharmaceutical products is at its highest and the manufacturers as well as the chemist are gaining mammoth profits. Though it virtually seems to be a symbiotic relation, but the consumer somewhere bears a huge loss in a subconscious way.

Now-a-days, India being tilted towards the western civilization, the present cosmopolitans are always a few steps ahead. Today’s genres rather choose for a live-in relation over getting involved in a casual/serious affair.

They consider it to be fashion, which is in. This megalopolis spoilt culture has enormously affected the younger generations, the most. Being unknown about the consequences and getting carried away by the ads, young females have assumed these unwanted pregnancy pilules to be the safest and easiest method to prevent themselves from being pregnant.

They simply go to a chemist and buy the bolus, without seeking any advice from gynaecologist.

On one instance, Sunita Shah, a call centre employee, putting up in the NCR region, confesses that she consumes pills atleast twice a week. On another instance, Nupur, a software engineer always carries such tablets, whenever she travels, for emergency.

She recalls, sometimes she consumes even two pills at a time, in order to have a double protection. Though such females are blend in the megalopolis culture and are highly qualified, still they lack the basic knowledge to consult a doctor.

As these troches should strictly be consumed only on physicist advice, the mis-use or over-use of such pills may cause hazards to the women. These tablets do have many side affects.

For example, they delay the period cycle. There can be a change in dates. Sometimes, due to effect of such pills, one may have period twice in a month. Now boys have reduced their stress and the responsibility is now solely upon the girls’ shoulders.

With the advent of such contraceptive pills, there has been a sudden fall in the sale of condoms. This generation has forgotten the negative impact of such modus operandi. Besides the irregularities in the periods, this procedure has undoubtedly opened the portcullis for the sexually transmitted diseases.

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