Side Effects Of Face Lift Surgery

Side Effects Of Face Lift Surgery

Side Effects Of Face Lift Surgery - Alternatives To Face Lift Surgery » How To Avoid Face Lift SurgeryAs you grow older day by day a very common question might arise in your mind: how to look younger and get back that youthful look. In that case you might choose facelift surgery as the best possible way out. A facelift helps you to tighten and smooth facial tissues and skin and also the muscle underlying. It reduces wrinkles and saggy skin.

A facelift surgery might have a number of side-effects. Apart from being costly the varied results may take longer to show. The impact of a face lift lasts for six to ten years. As your face continues ageing it is very much essential for you to maintain a proper body weight and elasticity of your skin. You should say no to smoking and maintain a good structure of your bones after a facelift surgery.

The face lift surgery does not remove the fine lines around the mouth. It is advised that you say no to face lift surgery and know how to avoid face lift surgery. You can consider the alternatives to a face lift surgery as the surgery may not live up to your expectations in the near future.

After A Face Lift Surgery

You have to take pain relief medicines to keep you comfortable when the effect of the anesthetics fades out after a surgery. Your co-ordination and reasoning skills gets affected due to the anesthesia and thus you must not drive, take alcoholic drinks, sign on legal papers or operate a machine for the next 48 hours. Your types of stitches determine the time required for the stitches to disappear. It may take 3 weeks or a few months for the stitches to dissolve completely.

Taking aspirin during the stages of recovery can cause bleeding. You will experience swelling and bruising at times. In that case, do not apply ice to your skin directly as it damages the wound. You can get back to your normal life after two weeks but it may vary from one person to another. Scars keep appearing but do not fade out permanently. Men need to shave differently after a surgery as their beard will grow closer to their ears.

Sometimes there are unexpected reactions to the anesthetics used which cause bleeding, development of a blood clot, infection, etc. Your facial nerves can be damaged leading to muscle weakness. Some people have uneven faces and need another operation to rectify this.

Alternatives To Face Lift Surgery

Several resurfacing techniques are there to reduce wrinkles and remove the damaged layers of your skin. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing are quite common.

Pulsed light therapy helps in producing more collagen by stimulating the middle layer of your skin thus plumping out the fine lines.

Deep wrinkles can be plumped out by tissue augmentation with injections containing collagen or other fillers.

Injections like botulinum toxin can smooth wrinkles which become prominent when you frown or smile. This is a good cure for regions around your eyes or the forehead.

To tighten your skin in the safest way you can opt for gels, creams or other beauty treatments but expect lesser results.

It is thus recommended to know why and how to avoid face lift surgery and consider the alternatives.

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