Side effects of marriages

Side effects of marriages

Side effects of marriages - Why marriages fail - Common marriege problems - Love and arranged marriages » Side effects of marriagesMarriages are the first step taken to start a family. Marriage is one of the most auspicious occasions in every person’s life. Marriages are basically of two types, arranged marriage and love marriage. There are several side effects of both type of marriages. Let us discuss both of them:-

Let us first take a look at the side effects of arranged marriages:-

Arranged marriages have are most common in India. Although India is becoming westernized at a very fast rate but still arranged marriages are preferred by most of the families in India. The main side effect of arrange marriage is that the bride and the groom do not get to know much about their spouse or partner before marriage because of which they find it hard to support each other at the start of the marriage life. It is a fact that in many arranged marriages the bride and the groom do not even see the faces of each other before the marriage because of which several disputes take place after the marriage. These arranged marriages are generally done by matching the kundalis of the bride and the groom but matching kundalis does not mean that the person will surely match the other person physically, emotionally and mentally.

It’s like deciding to live with a stranger for the rest of the life. Many times the attitude and nature of one person does not suit to the other person and therefore several problems start in the married life.

Now we will discuss about side effects of love marriages:-

Love marriage is something in which two lovers decide to love, care and support each other for lifetime. There are several side effects which are related with love marriages. The lovers who decide to support each other find it hard to support one another as they have nothing new to discover. Living with a person under a shelter for life time is hard and one has to adjust oneself and take on various responsibilities on his/her shoulder. Though they both might know each other but the problems like financial crisis and various other problems related to attitudes, likes and dislikes, nature give rise to various disputes in married life. In these types of marriages generally both individual know each other very well which after sometime results in a boring life.

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