Significance of Dreams During Pregnancy

Significance of Dreams During Pregnancy

Significance of Dreams During Pregnancy - Pregnancy Dream InterpretationMany pregnant women report about increasing numbers of vivid dreams. This does not happen in any one trimester but in all the three trimesters. Various types of pregnancy dreams that are normally reported are joyful dreams, nightmare, anxiety dreams etc.

It has also been observed that most of pregnant women have dreams that are similar with respect to content. For example, most of pregnant woman dream about falling or running or being trapped. Other pregnancy dreams that are very common are dreams about the gender of the baby, about the appearance of the baby, about the labor, about delivery etc.

Many reasons have been given for the dramatic increase in dreams during pregnancy. For example, some experts say that pregnancy dreams occur due to increased hormones level while some other say that due to increased walking in night, these dreams occur. Pregnancy anxiety is also one of reasons.

A pregnant woman must not get surprised if these dreams are unpleasant. Pregnancy dreams occur due to the anxiety and stress that a pregnant woman has and these can be termed as the reaction of the mind towards various types of fears and worries. Pregnancy dreams generally change from one trimester to another. For example, in the first trimester, a pregnant woman may dream of water or water symbols. This happens due to increased quantities of amniotic fluid inside the womb. Similarly, in the second trimester, most of pregnant women report for dreams about animals. It is said that this happens as the baby grows large in this trimester and make movements. In the third trimester, dreams of babies are reported. This happens as the mother starts thinking about the baby care.

Since pregnancy dreams can provide enjoyment or worries, a pregnant woman must deal with these very carefully. It should be understood that dreams are production of subconscious mind and are not real. If a woman wishes, she can remember the basic theme of the dream so that same can be shared with partner or friends. In pregnancy, dreams are generally more detailed. They are often very colorful. This may involve a pregnant woman to a great extent. But in no case, botheration should exceed the accepted levels.

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