Significance of Marriage

Significance of Marriage

Significance of Marriage - What is the significance marriage - Mystical significance of marriage - Marriage customs » Significance of Marriage-Indian Muslim MarriagesEverything in the world has its own importance in the life. Likewise marriages are also having their own significance both in the life of the boy and the girl as well as their families. There are several types of marriages in India with the different traditions as per the cast.

Indian Muslim marriages are one of the unique marriages in India. These marriages are fully followed with all their Mughal traditions. They are having a great admiration to their rituals and these rituals are having the huge effect in the practical life of the people. Indian Muslim marriages are alike to the Indian Hindu marriages. This is because traditions are mostly followed by the last three days of marriage in both the marriages. Let us discuss some of the traditions which are followed by the people in the Indian Muslim marriages:-

The first and foremost thing which is to be followed by the people in Muslim traditions is the Mehendi Ceremony. The tradition of Mehendi Ceremony is followed by the people many days before the wedding day. In addition to that the hands and the legs of the bride are massaged with the turmeric powder along with the curd and oil. This is also followed as the tradition by the people in order to bring the glow in the skin of the bride. These traditions are then followed by the singing and dancing which is helpful in making the moment full of joys. This festive mood which is followed by the dance and singing is known as Oppana in the Muslim language.

The wedding in the Muslim is known as the Nikkah. Nikkah is the day on which the groom comes to the bride’s home or the previously decided place with the family members and the friends. This group of people is known as baraati and they come at the previously decided place or at the bride’s home along with the musical band. The friends and the family members of the groom family came to the wedding place by dancing all along the way. There are many prayers and the blessing by the bride and groom as well as the members present in the wedding. However the people cover their heads by dupatta or the piece of cloth.

The above stated traditions are followed by people in Indian Muslim marriages.

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