Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In You » Top Tips To Know If Your Man Is Losing Interest In You

Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In You » Top Tips To Know If Your Man Is Losing Interest In You

Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In You » Top Tips To Know If Your Man Is Losing Interest In YouWe can define the nature of blood relationships to a certain extent. We grow up in a family and have an idea of the nature of our fathers, mothers and grand parents. We are also well aware of the way our bothers and sisters behave with us, what makes them sad, what makes them happy and in which occasions they avoid us.

We can handle these relationships by implementing some tricks that makes all the things fall in their positions again. Moreover, it is also important to realize that if our father remains aloof from us, or if mother stays indifferent or even brothers and sisters ignore or neglect us, in spite of the fact that it is depressing, that does not become bothersome and something of anxiety of us, as we are not in a trauma to loose them. We know they are parts of our family and someday or the other we will get along with each other.

But, the relationship that, when stained, arouses concern, is that of love and marriage. This is such a relationship where we are at a fear of losing our beloved, for some reason or the other and once lost, there are extremely dim chances that they will return back to our lives again. Therefore, break ups, divorce, separation are some of the common words attached to this sort of relationship only.

This is a relationship, where strangers meet to walk a few miles with us. Some walks become permanent while others stop much before, even before we could even think of. Hence, in order to master each and every aspect of love, attachment, dating and marriage, you need to know the specific indications that convey the typical messages to you about your relationship status.

It is a common practice among women to complain to their husbands or boyfriends that they do not love these ladies anymore. By such a comment the women do not hint at something serious but try to capture more attention. But, there are some ‘real’ circumstances, when they get a haunch that their relationships are drifting apart. Such a situation is indeed painful.

Nobody wishes a relationship breakage. So, here are some tips for every woman that will help you to understand if your man is losing interest in you. You can analyze your case with these tips and take your steps to save the relationship or wave it a final goodbye.

Tip 1- He Will Cease to Spend Time With You

Love is a phenomenon of heart, when the couples involved in it wish to spend more and more time with each other. During the initial stage of an affair or during the first few years of marriage, when the attraction towards each other is the optimum, couple like to spend more and more time with each other. The man has the most urge to stick to his woman almost every single moment.

Even the busiest of the businessmen have similar natures. Though this attraction ceases to be in its optimal level of attraction after the initial few years, but magnetism does remain, hinting that the relationship is still fresh. But, if you feel that your man is reluctant to give time to you then be alert. But, be logical too. There can be other reasons as well, like work pressure, stress and any type of tension. But, such cases are only temporary. If your man seems not to spend time with you at all, in any circumstances, then it is your first hint.

Tip 2 – If He Maintains Sudden Secrecy

Signs A Man Is Losing Interest In You » Top Tips To Know If Your Man Is Losing Interest In You

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It is cent percent correct that in a relationship there should be equal and private spaces for each of the partners. But, that does not mean that your male partner will maintain unnecessary secrecy. A successful relationship prompts there should be absolute transparency between the couples involved in a relationship.

Transparency means that neither will you be jeopardizing into his territory, nor will he trespass into yours. But, at the same time, you two will be open to each other about the areas that you wish to keep exclusive for you.

If you feel that your man is trying to bypass any such issue where he maintains certain level of unexplained and over secrecy, it is definitely not normal. Try to talk it out with your man. If you find he is not willing to talk a bit about the issue and is trying to provide useless explanations for all his acts of secrecy, be alert that something might be cooking up.

Tip 3 – Over Expression Of Something

Another tricky yet suspicious way to identify that your male partner is loosing interest in you is when you see too much of something in his behavior. For instance, your man might not be that fashion conscious. Neither have you felt the need to ask him to change his outlook.

Suddenly if you see that he becomes extremely fashionable, wearing designer brands, using separate perfumes, buying expensive fashion accessories, be careful. Again, if your husband, who is usually a man of ‘cool’ head, all of a sudden turns out to be an irritated man, that is also hint.

But, in such a case, make a ground study, before coming to a straight conclusion. It might be some sort of trauma or anxiety that is bothering him. This irritated attitude will continue for sometimes and then subside. On the contrary, if you notice that he is otherwise soft spoken with everybody, but whenever he interacts with you, his head seems to burst with anger, talk to him and find out why he is doing so. If he remains arrogant you can be sure that he is loosing interest in you.

Tip 4 – He Remains Indifferent

There are certain men who are too inquisitive about everything. There are other men too, who are not that nosy and love to be within themselves. But such men are not indifferent. Indifferent is a person who would not feel any interest in any particular subject or any person.

He will not express that verbally, but his body language and attitude will say it all. So, if you see that issues like your new hair cut or why you regularly come home late from office or your illness, go unnoticed by him that means he is indifferent towards you. That is a hint that he is loosing interest in you.

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